Bespoke Website Design

Bespoke Design - Fully Maintained - Support - Search Engine Optimized- Webmail/Email - Website Updates Included - Plus Much More...

A completely managed Information Website custom built to your requirements. Mobile Responsive and Search Engine Optimized (SEO).

The perfect start up website for any business. Let us handle the technical side of things for you, all you need to do is supply your company information and design requirements (logo design not included).

A basic 5 page information website would typically include (but not restricted to) the following pages:

Home - About Us - Services - Testimonials - Contact

Highly accessible web pages

Through a variety of pioneering techniques our websites:

  • Use a correct heading structure with just one main heading
  • Produce accessible and well-written page content
  • Use predefined styles for both formatting and layout effects

Our accessible websites automatically 'clean up' the code so it's W3C-compliant valid HTML and fully accessible!

We go way above and beyond merely producing accessible web pages. We produce both accessible code and accessible content, ensuring that your site is up to the latest web compliancy standards.

Fully search engine optimized web pages

A key feature of our websites is the excellent support for SEO. We ensure that all pages on your website are fully optimized for search engines through a number of innovative features:

  • Keywords automatically placed in important places
  • Titles, headings, meta descriptions and meta keywords are automatically pre-populated from your page content
  • Simple, search engine-friendly URL's produced
  • Code-efficient pages produced

Our accessibility features will also greatly boost your site's search engine optimization as accessibility and search engine optimization overlap significantly. For example, using a correct heading structure, providing well-written page content and having W3C-compliant valid HTML will all boost your search engine ranking.